Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peter Pan Party

Jack turned 3 last week! It's crazy that my baby is 3!!!
I was all set to throw a circus party for him because I had one planned when Ethan turned 3 but he really wanted a cars party so I had to put it on the back burner. So about 2 months ago when I told Jack he was going to have a circus party he was on board for a week or two, and then announced he was having a Peter Pan party! So we went with that and one day I will just stop asking and throw my circus party :)

We got him a t-shirt with a money on it because he likes to make monkey noises all the time!

He also got a scooter that he rode around the house on his birthday because it rained all day.

I set a place for each kid at the table and it worked really well to give them each a place to sit and their own drink with lids and straws :)

My very talented friend made these cookies....isn't she amazing?!!

Carly shared this idea with me a few weeks ago. They were so easy to make and really looked cute, and somewhat healthy :)

One more look at those amazing pirate ships and crocodiles!

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