Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We hosted our annual Easter Egg hunt this year...Joie and I couldn't believe it's been 4 years since we first came up with the crazy idea of hosting our own egg hunt!
We were so lucky and enjoyed beautiful sunshine and the kids were able to play in the backyard the whole time. A fun addition to the party this year were week old chicks!  I really wanted baby bunnies hopping around the yard, but that idea wasn't feasible so plan B worked out pretty well.
The boys and I picked them up the day before so they got some extra playtime with them before the party on Saturday. Then about an hour after the party we met up with a lady I met through craigslist who raises chickens and we happily handed them off to her on our way over to my parent's for the weekend :)
We do our baskets Saturday morning before the egg hunt so that we can keep Easter Sunday focused on Christ.

Joie's mom made this adorable peep banner out of felt. It will be a fun addition to the party vault!

We found this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be really cute. They look more like carrots when they're grouped together so Joie put them in this cute basket.

I saw this idea also on Pinterest and it was really easy to make with my cricut.

The kids had an Easter story read to them while they waited for the eggs to be hidden.

A view of the orchard in my parent's backyard. They were racing back to the house and Ethan was in the lead, with Jack, cotton, and Grandpa following.

Easter morning we grabbed a quick picture before heading to church.

Carly hosted Easter lunch following church. She did such a cute job with all the place settings. The kids had drinks with  straws in their peeps. They each had a cute Easter coloring mat and their own set of crayons. Every spot also had a cute bag filled with some Easter candy.