Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

I spent a large portion of this afternoon trying to win Mother of the year! Ethan has his musical program for preschool tomorrow night and I volunteered to bring 2 dozen treats for the refreshments following the program. I could have opted for brownies, but I made the mistake of looking online for a few ideas and decided I would make cake pops. I asked Ethan to help me decide which kind of cake pops he wanted (which I really shouldn't do because I usually already have an idea in my head of what I want to do!). After looking at several versions of monster cupcakes I tried to convince him that we should do something music related because that would go along with the theme of the evening. He didn't like that idea, so we came to an agreement on ice cream cone cake pops.
Like most things, they were trial and error and the last batch came out much better than the first, but I think they all turned out pretty cute!

The only problem with these, is that I made 2 dozen of them (as I was assigned) and there are definitely more than 2 dozen kids singing in the program tomorrow night. I just hope there are no tears shed because someone gets a chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake pop!

p.s. If you're interested in making these, let me just share a few tips to spare you the learning curve!
#1 The balls need to be a little big, to resemble a scoop of ice cream, so this uses more batter than normal. I used 1 1/2 batches of cake to make 28 balls.
#2 One package of the candy melts covered not quite 12 balls, so make sure you have plenty of candy melts!
#3 You'll need to cute a section off the bottom and the top of the cone (I just used a sharp knife and it sawed through the cone pretty quickly). You want the hole at the bottom just wide enough to stick your stick through.
#4 Dip the ball in chocolate and let some drip off, then slide the cone onto the stick and push up against the ball so that they stick firmly to each other. You might need to hold them together for a few seconds until the chocolate hardens enough to hold the cone up.
#5 Drizzle the chocolate sauce after the first layer has hardened, then immediately add sprinkles and put the "cherry" on top. (I used sour cherry balls, but I've also seen red peanut m&m's used)
#6 You'll need your cardboard box already poked with holes BEFORE you start this process so they'll have somewhere to dry without the tops getting smashed (I bought mine on sale at Michael's, they're just photo storage boxes)

There you have it! Now you can also be Mom of the year ;)

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