Wednesday, January 4, 2012


While it appears that I've been slacking in my online posting lately, it's just because I've been having fun posting on Google+ lately. If you're also on Google+ you can add me to your circles :)

Onto Christmas...

We spent Christmas with the Davises this year and had so much fun. They have a tradition of eating won tons on Christmas Eve, and this year we added sushi.

The boys each got a new movie and some fun treats in their stockings. I think they would've been content to stop with that!

Armor and swords from Grandpa & Grandma Jack.

Mary and Joseph... :)

Ethan really loved having "big kids" to play with...they played WII dance and mario kart, pretty much whatever they were doing Ethan was content to tag along and his Uncles were really nice to play with him so much!

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