Saturday, October 1, 2011


Nate & I just got back from a quick trip to was breathtaking! We spent a lot of the time telling each other we couldn't believe we were actually in such a gorgeous place :) Google sent Nate as a thank-you for some work he did and they were nice enough to let him bring me along. We stayed at the Grand Wailea and I don't know that we could stay anywhere else the next time we go back...because we will be going back ;)
 Here are some pictures of the resort. We found out that they have 43 acres, and we probably only explored a fraction of it. 

 This was the hotel was unreal.

 The wedding chapel. We actually saw a bride and groom taking pictures:)

 The "floating "restaurant where we had dinner our first night.

 The pools were amazing, they were on multiple levels and there were small water slides that would take you from one level to another. We ordered a smoothie at a bar that was in a cave that you had to swim into.

 I had a 2 hour spa treatment that was amazing. We both felt very blessed to be able to go and know that Grandma & Grandpa Davis were taking such good care of the boys!
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