Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's hear it for the boy!

I am a child of the 80's, and I freely admit that I like 80's music. I can probably sing the lyrics to more 80's songs than anything currently playing on the radio :) So every now and then a song from that generation pops into my head and perfectly captures a moment. Last weekend was such a moment. Some of our friends gave us a bunch of plants from their yard and we were all set for a full day of planting and normal yard work when I decided I was fed up with the huge tree stump that sat right in the middle of our front flowerbed. I've tried planting around it and strategically putting things that might grow over it to hide the fact that there was a stump leaving a huge blank spot in the middle, but I just didn't want to keep doing that. So I decided to take the stump out! Like most projects that I start, I get in over my head and Nate comes to the rescue. He thinks this could be a weakness of mine, but I think we make a great team- I'm great at starting things and he's great at finishing them :) So I roped him into helping me and we took turns off and on for almost 4 hours chopping, digging, pulling, etc. It was a huge stump with BIG roots. Nate took the last round after I felt like I might faint if I chopped anymore in the hot sun, and he got it out!!!! I was so excited, and so grateful to him for doing something so miserable on his Saturday. BUT IT'S GONE and now I have free reign on where I can/want to plant flowers! Here are some pictures of his triumph once the stump was out. If my life were an 80's movie, "let's hear it for the boy!" would have been playing in the background :)

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