Monday, August 8, 2011

Superhero Party

Ethan turned 4 this year and we celebrated with a superhero party. I decorated his cake the night before the party and he was very interested in helping so I let him have fun with an extra layer of cake that I decided we didn't need to use :)

We kept holding out for the sunshine, but it kept drizzling all morning so our backup plan was to decorate the garage and have some of the games and food in there so the kids could have fun without feeling too cramped inside.

I found these glitter boxes at Michael's a few months ago and loved the sparkle they added to the party :)

Nate designed a maze for the kids to try and get through without touching any of the ribbon. It was pretty funny to see all the different tactics they tried!

I made capes and masks for each of the kids (a special thanks to Nate & Amber who got dragged into the party prep and helped me make these!)

One of the games was to see who could jump the farthest.

We also let them pose in the air while "flying".

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