Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jack turned 2!!!

Jack turned 2 on Sunday! In a lot of ways he's "felt two" for a while because he's been talking so much and seems so capable, but he still has a cute, chubby baby face and I'm sad that the time is going by so quickly! When I took him to the party store he knew exactly what he wanted... Toy Story! Ethan had a hard time differentiating that the party planning was for Jack's birthday, not his! We kept it pretty low-key and celebrated with some family that were in town for the day.

He picked out the plates and tablecloth at the party store and I had to hide them for a few weeks so he wouldn't insist on using them ahead of time!

We had to have a "pizza planet" dinner, of course!

Our cousin Dylan was here to help us celebrate :)

sidenote: Ethan wears his superhero cape daily and can't wait for his "superhero" birthday party!

I made these Mr. Potato Head cake pops based on a tutorial I found from the Disney website. They were actually really easy and a lot of fun to make!

I also saw this cake online and just copied it, but used butter cream instead of fondant.

This guy loves his sugar!

A rare shot of the photographer :)

For those who know Jeff, this is a classic shot of him!

Nate took these really cute shots of Carly's baby, Dane.

Grandpa and Grandma Jack got him this buzz lightyear costume. The boys play dress-ups every day and this will be such a fun addition!

Ethan helped pick out Jack's presents, Woody and Buzz Light year cars. He seems to think Buzz is his car :) Good thing Jack is pretty easy going about sharing stuff with Ethan.