Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Vintage Wedding

My youngest brother married the girl of his dreams last weekend and it was so neat to be there and see him so happy and so in love! Tiffani flew in from South Carolina and Toby and his family flew in from San Diego so we were all together for the first time in maybe 7 years??? When you have seven kids in your family, all with spouses and most with kids it can be pretty crazy to get us all together, but we had so much fun celebrating birthdays and taking part in wedding festivities.
Leah's birthday was Thursday before the wedding and Toby threw Jeff a bachelor party that night, so all the girls and kids met at the park for a picnic birthday dinner. It was so nice to have Grandma Sanders and Aunt Sue with us!!

Our picnic dinner consisted of chicken salad sandwiches on croissant rolls, carrots and dip, strawberries with sour cream and raw sugar. Marci made yummy raspberry bars for dessert.

Most of the packaging for the food came from Cash 'N Carry, they had the perfect sizes for all the different dips and food we wanted.

These cute boxes and ribbon came from packaging specialties.

On Friday night my parents hosted a dinner at Carly & Derek's house. My mom found cute signs with quotes about love that she used as centerpieces for the tables. Each place had a little jar filled with lemon heads (Amber's favorite) or gummy bears (Jeff's favorite). It looked really cute.

I feel like I look tired in all the pictures taken that weekend...oh well!

This dinner was some of Jeff's favorites...lucky for us we all got to enjoy it!

We found these cool mason jar mugs on-line. I'm already scheming for some future event that I'd have an excuse to use them :)

All my sisters, with Grandma Sanders, Mom, and Aunt Sue. It was so fun to be together!

They looked amazing! I loved Amber's cream dress with Jeff's light gray suit.

The wind started to blow pretty hard right after they came out of the temple, which made for some crazy hairdos in the pictures :)

My whole family together at the temple. It was such a neat day.

Marci was the mastermind behind these flowers. She worked with Tiff, Leah, Marci and my Mom most of Friday putting all the arrangements together and they turned out beautifully!

This ribbon wall was a really pretty backdrop for the candy table. I thought this was a cute picture of all the kids with Amber :)

These vintage doors were the backdrop for pictures and where they stood for the reception line. Amber's family worked really hard to transform the church and they did a really beautiful job.

They draped this fabric from the ceiling and hung these chandeliers, it was really classy.
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