Friday, April 22, 2011

I've been busy

lately with lots of projects. Mostly fun, but sometimes a little hectic. I'll be posting pics soon of the bridal shower favors I finally finished, the cupcakes I'll be making for said shower, and our fun plans for the upcoming Easter weekend. In the mean time, here's what Jack was doing the other day while I was back in my room working on one of my many projects!



That is a bag of Bisquick on the floor folks, super fun to try and vacuum up!

The boys also got to attend a really cute Easter-themed story time at the Bravern.  They supplied cute Trophy cupcakes and lots of yummy organic snacks and water bottles. The boys hardly paid attention to the stories because they were so distracted by all the treats being passed around! But they did shift their attention once the Easter Bunny showed up :)

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