Saturday, March 26, 2011

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

My friend Joie and I threw a milk and cookies baby shower today for our friend Lindsay. It turned out really sweet and simple and Lindsay got some really cute things. All that pink and purple really makes me hopeful that a girl is in our future someday!

I started taking pictures before all the jars were filled, but you get the idea :)

These adorable milk bottle cookies were made by Melanie, who it turns out has her own little business making amazing sugar cookies. Not only do they look amazing, they also taste really good!

I really wanted individual milk bottles, but it just wasn't in the budget :) So I improvised with the individually sized chocolate milks they sell at Costco. I took off the plastic label and covered the red plastic lids with pink tissue paper. The "enjoy!" tags came from packaging specialties and were a cute finishing touch!

These to go boxes also came from packaging specialties and were the perfect way to make sure I wasn't left with 12 dozen cookies at my house afterwards!

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