Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Craft Rooms on the brain

Lately I've been drawn to pictures of craft rooms. We're hoping to finish our basement/crawl space next spring or summer and I've got a laundry/craft room in the works. I just need to make up my mind about what I want it to be like. I feel like this could be the one room in the house that Nate pretty much lets me go crazy with the "girly look" so I won't have anyone but myself to blame if I don't like it! My problem is that I like too many styles, and I'm not talented enough to merge all those styles into one beautiful eclectic inspiring room (which is the look I'm going for!). If you've seen any great pics of craft/laundry rooms lately I'd love to see them!
Here's what's caught my eye so far...

maybe something feminine and colorful, like this one from making it lovely.

I love this one; very classy and functional but the wall color makes it fun. The fact that it's the size of my whole basement doesn't hurt either ;)

There is something very soothing about this one. Like the heaps of laundry that would be sitting here if this were in fact my room might all magically be folded by someone other than myself. I'm also loving the tile back splash and soft gray/green cupboards.

The all white might get a little boring after awhile, but I do love the green knobs. Fun knobs are a definite must in the new room.

Love the bright colors of this room. And the ribbon holder. I would so love the room to hang all my ribbons and just sit and admire them instead of the pile of laundry that will be sitting somewhere behind me!

Love the island space. An island is a must. Just think of all the tablecloths you could iron and the fabric you could cut if you had a big island in your laundry/craft room?! I also like how the washer and dryer seamlessly fit in with the rest of the cupboards.

Another fun island workspace and nice paint color on the walls. I also love the pendants hanging over the island.

Okay, so this isn't an actual room. But isn't this a cute idea for storing buttons? Someone who stores their buttons like this must have a cute room to go with it :)
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