Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chick Hicks Party

Several months ago I started planning Ethan's 3rd birthday party. It was going to be a circus in our backyard with big top decorations and I even had Nate convinced of wearing a full clown costume and performing juggling and other tricks to entertain the kids. It was going to be so fun..
Then... about a month before his birthday Ethan started talking non-stop about how he was going to turn 3 at his chick hicks party. I would gently remind him that he was having a circus party and tried to talk up how fun everything was going to be. He'd then agree with me that he was going to have a circus at his chick hicks party! So, I finally decided the circus was going to have to come to town some other time and just go with Ethan's wishes of turning 3 at his chick hicks party, after all, it's his birthday right?!
So here you go, pics from the chick hicks party that I really only had 1 day to put together because we got stuck in Portland the week of the party with our car needing a surprise transmission replacement. Maybe it was a good thing because it forced me to simplify :)
Nate built the race track a few weeks before the party and we had plans to paint it, oh well. I also printed pictures of some of the cars characters and laminated them to use for a modified cake walk. We played the cars theme song and the child on the picture that we drew when the music stopped got to pick a cars tattoo.

Some of you were interested in the recipe for the veggie pizza, so here it is:

Veggie Pizza Pampered Chef


2 pkgs refrigerated crescent dough
16 oz pkg soft cream cheese
1 pkg hidden valley dressing
1/2 cup mayo
1/3 cup sour cream
red bell pepper


Open dough and place on flat pan; pinch seams. Cook until brown- use pkg directions. Cool completely. Spread on cream cheese. Mix dressing, mayo sour cream. Spread on cream cheese. Top with finely chopped vegetables (brocolli, cauliflour, green onion, mushrooms, black olives, red and green peppers). I use a small food processor to get everything really small. Serve cold.
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