Monday, July 19, 2010

Bib project

Jack likes to eat. Jack does not like to wear a bib when he eats. Jack is strong. You can probably see where this is going... all of the velcro bibs I own and planned on using with Jack are no longer working. I always sit him in his little chair at mealtime and snap the bib on, and inevitably within a few seconds he's pulled the bib apart and tosses it to the floor so as not to hinder him from continuing his meal in peace.
So I determined to make him the old school kind of bib that we all grew up with. You know, the kind that slides over your head with the ribbing and the 80's colored dish cloth it was made out of.
I had some baby towels in my closet that I don't use anymore so this is what I came up with today during nap time...

We shall see if Jack has finally met his match at dinner time tonight :)
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