Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This might actually be the year

that I have a garden I'm not ashamed of! My last attempt at an edible garden was in Provo the summer Ethan was born. The weather got too hot, I got too big, and then too busy, and before we knew it we had baseball bat-sized zucchini being left on our porch because our apartment neighbors sharing the same plot of ground thought we'd forgotten about them! We had more zucchini than we knew what to do with, the watermelon never grew, and the sunflowers were an intimidating 10 feet tall. We found ourselves just wishing it would all go away if we avoided that part of the complex completely!
So, this time I'm doing things a little different. I bought a greenhouse starter kit at home depot last weekend weekend and carefully followed their instructions which promised an attractive and edible garden all summer long. Believe it or not, I've already got little sprouts popping up just 3 days into the process. Maybe this will be the year that I can reclaim my farming heritage!

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