Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something to think about...

With Mother's day around the corner, I found this posted by a friend of mine and loved what it challenged me to think about. Go ahead, take some time and read it too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little boy and his bike

These are the moments I want to remember, when life is so simple and sweet.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lance's birthday

Nate had a camp out this past weekend, so I took the boys over to Royal City on Friday for a fun day of playing with cousins, celebrating Lance's 3rd birthday, and meeting Grandpa's new ducks.
Carly always does cute parties and this was no different. Everything was perfectly coordinated with her Western theme and looked really cute. Ethan hasn't been exposed too much to the whole world of cowboys and outlaws, but he did his best to figure it out. Some of the games included panning for "gold", racing stick horses (I wish I could have figured out how to take a video for this because it was really funny. All the other kids hopped on their sticks and raced down the track, while Ethan grabbed his stick in one hand and ran. I don't think he had any idea what he was doing with the "stick"!)

Saturday morning my dad brought over a few of his ducklings for the kids to play with, which was a big hit. (a side note, Ethan is shirtless because he got wet and his shirt was in the dryer, not because I was fully embracing the shirtless, shoeless policy- which is what Nate wondered when he saw the pics).

And the winner is...

me! I won the "best salad" entry for our ward's cooking competition this year. Some of you may remember my post from last year's competition, and I was determined to not be outdone again this year! So I entered 2 categories, an appetizer and a salad. The appetizer was a spicy buffalo chicken dip (intended to please most of the men folk), and a pear roquefort salad (aka "girl food" in Nate's book). So there was some steep competition again this year, and I am not ashamed to admit that I did not even vote for my own appetizer! I know, that sounds bad, but there were these incredible avocado shakes that I just could not get enough of (although they should have really been in the dessert section, that would have given my dip more of a chance). But my salad won me a trophy and a moment in the Totem Lake ward spotlight, so I am content :) Here are some pictures we took of the evening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This might actually be the year

that I have a garden I'm not ashamed of! My last attempt at an edible garden was in Provo the summer Ethan was born. The weather got too hot, I got too big, and then too busy, and before we knew it we had baseball bat-sized zucchini being left on our porch because our apartment neighbors sharing the same plot of ground thought we'd forgotten about them! We had more zucchini than we knew what to do with, the watermelon never grew, and the sunflowers were an intimidating 10 feet tall. We found ourselves just wishing it would all go away if we avoided that part of the complex completely!
So, this time I'm doing things a little different. I bought a greenhouse starter kit at home depot last weekend weekend and carefully followed their instructions which promised an attractive and edible garden all summer long. Believe it or not, I've already got little sprouts popping up just 3 days into the process. Maybe this will be the year that I can reclaim my farming heritage!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Despite the really dismal weather yesterday, we got lucky again this year and had dry (albeit cold) weather for our Easter egg hunt. It was fun to see Ethan get into it even more this year. Of course, it helped that we ran into the Easter bunny at the mall two days ago as we were leaving the play area. I guess he was taking a potty break because he came out of a back room and stepped into the elevator that we were getting in, so it was just us and the Easter bunny for 2 whole minutes! Ethan just stared at him the whole ride and I wondered if he was going to be scared of him, but when we got off the elevator he turned to me and said, "He's pretty Mommy!". He's been talking about the Easter bunny ever since:) Nate's doing his part to remind him that Easter is about Jesus, but the Easter bunny sure got his foot in the door :)