Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Fest

We spent last weekend in Royal City with my family attending their Summer Fest. I was really proud of Nate. When we first got married he had a hard time adjusting to the small town, country feel that my parents and some of my sisters live in. However, over the years (and I think especially since we've gone on a regular basis since we moved back to Washington) he's started to appreciate the unique attractions that a small town can offer, especially Royal City. He even joined in the festivities of summer fest and ran in the 5k fun run. For those of you who know Nate, you'll know this was quite the sacrifice because not only did it involve him running, it also meant we had to be at the race at 6:45am! And I wasn't even running it with him! He came in right after a handful of really serious runners with a time of 21:37. Not bad for someone who never runs eh?
Carly and I were in the twin contest later that day (I couldn't believe they had enough twins in the area to hold a contest, but there were actually 9 or 10 sets of us there). We had matching shirts to get into the spirit of things, but we DID NOT ride on the twin float in the parade, that was a bit much for us :) We ended up winning the "twin girls who look the most alike" category and each took home a whopping cash prize of $15! I guess our next stop is the twins convention in Texas!
Later in the day we had tons of fun trying out a new waterslide that some of their friends built down the side of a hill. We ended the day with a bbq at the Allred's pond before driving home that evening. We had such a fun time!

Carly and I with our new babies.

Nate and I on the waterslide (I learned that going in back is the much better spot because the person in front gets most of the splash when you fly into the water!)

Ethan and Grandpa swapping hats.
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