Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our city boy

We were at my parents' a few weekends ago for Mother's Day and had a great time, as usual. One of the fun things for Ethan is being exposed to "country life". For example, on the way to church we drive past a dairy with lots of cows eating and mooing. We get to run around my parent's yard which has no fence because they have no neighbors and it backs up to an orchard so we get to pick and eat apples in the fall. Recently my Dad has added to the country appeal by purchasing several baby chicks and ducks for the grandkids which are kept in a pen in their backyard. There have been a few fatalities, but so far Ethan isn't guilty :) Nate took this video of Ethan with my dad and cousin Kate who are trying to help him get better acquainted with a baby chick :)

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