Sunday, March 15, 2009

Iron Chef

So, our ward has an annual activity called "the taste of totem lake" which is a cook-off to see who has the best recipes. This year I signed up for the appetizer category and I had some stiff competition. It was by far the most crowded category with lots of really tasty competitors. I searched far and wide for an appetizer with the most "wow" factor and a sure crowd pleaser, and came up with a miniature pastry cup filled with havarti cheese, apricot jam, and diced pecans sprinkled on top, served warm and melted. It definitely got me lots of compliments, but I was beaten out by another entry called "rat tails". Can you believe it? Actually, it was a really good appetizer and if I didn't have my pride I might have voted for it myself. It was a mild pepper, sliced in half and hollowed out. Then filled with cream cheese and wrapped in a slice of bacon. Very tasty, and we must have had a bacon loving crowd because everyone loved it. So I like to think I came in a very close second place, although I felt a little sheepish going up and asking for the tally of the votes to find out for sure :) Next year I will just have to be more in touch with my crowd's taste buds.
For both of these recipes, check out my recipe book and search for "rat tails" or "apricot tartlets".
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