Friday, February 20, 2009

When the cat's away...

I thought while Nate was at the Klondike derby (aka winter campout with the scouts) I would take advantage of him not looking over my shoulder and put up a "girly" background for our blog. It won't last long, but I'll enjoy it until he happens to look at our blog and notice what I've done :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sister's Day

I'm writing this entry in pink in honor of sister's day :) It actually wasn't an official sister's day because only a few of us could make it, but we had a lot of fun and ate enough candy to make up for the lack in attendance. We each came with a different recipe and ingredients to make a fun candy and put the assorted candies in cute boxes that we packed up for our sweeties for Valentine's Day. Here are a few pics to document the day because I promised the missing sisters a peek :)

Big boy bed

Nate and I put Ethan's new room together this weekend. It used to be an empty room where we kept his toys and had a bright purple wall as an accent that didn't seem to go with anything else in the house (thankfully!). So we painted the wall a nice taupe color, and then ended up covering most of the wall with bunk beds :) We haven't quite decided when we're going to move him from his crib into his big bed, but he sure loves to climb the ladder and play on the top bunk!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching up

Wow! It has been too long since we've posted anything new on our blog, even I am getting tired of looking at the same pictures every time I log on to check out everyone else's blogs :) So I won't really try to catch up, I'll just summarize and post a few pics.
We spent Christmas at my parents in Othello and my younger sister and her husband were nice enough to let us stay at there house for a few days, which turned out great because she has a little girl close enough in age to Ethan that they were either side by side watching disney movies 2 inches from the tv, or pulling toys away from each other! Ethan's big present this year was building blocks, because he loves stacking empty oatmeal canisters and anything else he can balance on top of them. Ironically, he still prefers the oatmeal canisters over the store bought blocks!
We've been enduring some gloomy post holiday weather and enjoy every second that we actually get to see the sun shining. Unlike a lot of people, I love Valentine's day and love to make a big deal out of it, so we made heart shaped cookies and valentine's for FHE this past Monday. Ethan drew pictures and signed his name on cards to grandparents and his nursery teachers (yes! he's finally in nursery and has not looked back once!). His favorite part was licking the frosting off the cookie. It was really cute to see him recognize his nursery teacher's face when we dropped off her valentine and cookies :)
Also, we found out that baby #2 is a boy! So I don't think things are going to be slowing down around here any time soon :)
The picture of Nate and I dressed up is from the night of his Christmas work party. We're so glad to have found a babysitter that we love so we can spend the night on the town every now and then :)