Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed in

We've gotten tons of snow this week, and it's been so fun to see Ethan's reaction to it all. Last winter he was exposed to plenty of snow in Utah, but he was too little to enjoy any of it. This year, we happen to live at the bottom of a perfect sledding hill so we introduced him to the joy of sledding and making snow balls. I thought he might be a little unsure about the sledding, but he loved it! Nate and I took turns taking him down the hill, but a few times he rode by himself down our driveway.

Playing with Boedy

Ethan's cousin Boedy joined our play group a few weeks ago for a little Christmas party at the gym and the boys had a great time spinning around together. One of the few toys that two toddlers can use at the same time :)

Thank goodness for bathtime!

I'm so glad that our little boy loves his bathtime! It doesn't matter how bad the meltdown gets in the evening, as soon as we put him in the bath we all experience a good 30 minutes of good times again! Ethan would probably spend 2 hours in there if we let him! Here's an edited shot, you have to be here in person to see how cute his little tush really is!

Our little chef

Ethan has recently started pulling up one of the stools in the kitchen so he can stand next to me at the counter and see what I'm up to. A few weeks ago he learned the secret that the best part of cookies is really the cookie dough! He grabbed a huge fistful out of the mixer and started licking it until only a gooey mess remained. If it wasn't so funny to watch his sheer joy at how good it tasted I would have been disgusted!