Monday, November 17, 2008

Raccoons and cold weather

Well, we thought we'd be rid of our raccoons once the cold weather hit, but we were wrong! We've spotted at least 5 that roam through the neighborhood day and night and occasionally get in vicious fights with our neighbor's dog late at night. Probably competing for the dog's food. So, the other night I was getting ready for bed and I heard scratching at the french doors that lead to the deck off our bedroom. I called Nate for backup (these guys kind of give me the willys) and sure enough, when he pulled up the curtains there was our fuzzy little friend trying to find a way in the doors. A few minutes later another one showed up and they stayed around for 15 minutes or so just looking at us through the windows or chewing on my jump rope and flip flops that I'd left out there. Despite Nate's belief that pounding on the glass would scare them away, they didn't bat an eye. Sadly, my flip flops are beyond repair, and they were my favorite pair! This has not helped my relationship with these critters improve. So if anybody knows a good way to kill a raccoon once it's trapped, let us know. We'd like something as humane as killing a raccoon can be.
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