Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Extravaganza!

Halloween has started early for us this year, and will continue in full force through the week! We kicked off the week this morning with a halloween party at the church put on by a few of the Moms in the the playgroup. I took a few pictures of Ethan in his superman costume. I wish he could talk, because I'm sure he's going to be wondering why he's wearing his costume nearly every day this week for a party :)
I'm also including a picture of the pumpkins we carved tonight. Nate's has the face, and mine has the stars.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Outside house pics

Here are a few pics of the front and parts of the backyard. The yard had gigantic, overgrown bushes everywhere when we first moved in, so we've been spending a lot of Saturdays doing yard work :)

Lots of pictures

Nate & I found lots of pictures on our cell phones that needed to be put on the computer, so here are a few of them. One is of Ethan wearing Nate's bike helmet, and another wearing Nate's earmuffs. He likes to copy Nate :)
The rest are pictures of our trip to the pumpkin patch in Portland a few weekends ago with Grandma Davis. It was really fun, they had a little train that we rode out to the pumpkin patch and back in again. There were also pony rides and face painting booths... the carnival kid in me was very happy :)

Catching up

These are more pictures... Ethan wearing his new rain boots around the deck and backyard (they're a little big, so it's funny to watch him try to keep them on as he climbs up and down the stairs!) and pictures from a nearby park that we went to a few times over the summer because it had fun toys that squirt water.