Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dinner ideas

I've had some requests for more veggie dinner ideas. Here's a list of some popular dinners at our house. I kept the list pretty basic, but feel free to email me if you need more detailed ingredients or instructions on any of the recipes. Happy cooking!

Veggie Recipes

  1. Veggie wraps

    1. bell pepper

    2. avocado

    3. cream cheese

    4. sprouts

    5. zucchini

    6. yellow squash

    7. tomato

  1. Garden Burger

    1. sauteed mushrooms

    2. dijon mustard

    3. avocado

    4. tomato

    5. mozzarella cheese melted on bun

    6. sauteed onions

  1. Chinese sundaes

    1. cream of chicken

    2. rice

    3. tomatoes

    4. green onion

    5. shredded cheese

    6. pineapple

  1. Veggie Kabobs

    1. zucchini
    2. yellow squash
    3. cherry tomatoes
    4. mushrooms
    5. pineapple
    6. bell pepper
    7. onion
    8. teriyaki marinade sauce
  1. Asparagus crepes

    1. 1 bunch asparagus

    2. crepe recipe

    3. mushroom sauce

  1. Veggie Stirfry

    1. brown rice

    2. sugar snap peas

    3. bean sprouts

    4. mushrooms

    5. bell pepper

    6. green onion

    7. zucchini

    8. sesame oil

  1. Taco soup

    1. substitute wheat berries for hamburger meat

8. Veggie Pizza

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Slug Man

The slug man strikes again. Check out how Ethan has managed to learn how to crawl using only his right elbow.

Good Looks

Now you know where Ethan gets his good looks ;) This picture is particularly special as it provides a rare glimpse of E-man's two pearly whites.

Close Encounter

Ethan recently learned about how cameras work. We are very proud of him.

Laziness != Cleanliness

One very funny thing about Ethan (and probably not uncommon to kids his age) is that he gets very lazy when he fills up. This makes feeding him his whole dinner very challenging. Here, as he became totally disinterested in food while sitting at the table, we tried to sneak a little more in during his bath time. When he is hungry he will eagerly eat, but after he fills up a little, its like trying to hit a moving target when we're lucky enough to catch him playing with his mouth open.