Friday, February 22, 2008

Amazon Fresh is Fresh indeed

Amazon fresh is awesome. For those of you who haven't heard of it, amazon fresh is an online grocery service provided by You go to their web site, pick the foods you want (just like you would make an order at any e-commerce site) and 12 hours later (or so) the food comes fresh to your doorstep in colorful plastic containers. You take the food and leave the containers to be picked up (off your doorstep) a day or so later. Marilee and I now live in an area that amazon fresh delivers to, and decided to try it out.

In short, we loved it, and there are several reasons why we will continue to use it. First, the food is actually fresh. Our first order consisted of primarily fruits and veggies. Second, we received a complementary selection of fruits and veggies that we didn't order (we presume as a "first time orderer" gift). For those of you who know me, free food quickly softens my sometimes hardheartedness toward anyone who might otherwise try to take my money. Third, no trips to the grocery store are needed. I don't know how long it usually takes most people at the store, but I presume it would be much longer than the 7-10 minutes Marilee spent selecting everything we needed for the week. Lastly, and clearly most important, is that Marilee can see her running total for the order before she checks out. This is a huge plus for me. We try and stick to a pretty tight budget, and for as long as we've been married it's been hard to stay inside our food allotment (much like any budget now days). So now, Marilee knows how much it's going to cost, and if the total price exceeds the budget, she simply removes an item. No embarrassment at the check out counter, no rushing back to a distant aisle because Nate forgot to grab the crushed red peppers, just simple, easy, online shopping. Highly recommended to all readers.

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