Sunday, January 27, 2008

We've arrived!

Well, after a whirlwind holiday season and moving, we are happy to report that we are finally settled in to our new place and finished unpacking our last box this weekend! We have always been so blessed to meet great people and love each place that we've lived in and Kirkland is no exception! We have been so warmly welcomed in our new ward and after our 3rd Sunday attending we have both received callings and are excited to hop back in the saddle (although, I'll admit we enjoyed a little break for the last couple of weeks!)

Nate is thrilled to be the new youth basketball coach and I am not at all surprised to be serving in the Primary (I've been in the Primary since we've been married!)
Nate had really high expectations about working for Google, and he is thrilled that it's living up to all he hoped it would be! Every day he comes home and raves about what he ate for lunch that day :)

Ethan and I are trying to explore a little bit each day. So far we've made friends with the ducks (we're going to have to enlarge our bread budget!) and he works hard at smiling at everyone we meet. Just this past week he's added peas to his large diet of solid foods (he now eats rice cereal and peas). Not too sure how he feels about either of those, but some of the faces he makes are pretty funny while he's trying to figure out why Mom keeps putting weird stuff in his mouth!

We are excited to be closer to both sides of the family and looking forward to lots of family activities.
We hope to be avid bloggers and keep you all posted on the exciting news and changes going on with our family :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apartment (and Ethan eating peas)

Here is a short clip of some of our new apartment, and Ethan eating peas for dinner.